Flowering on Block Island

Nov 5, 2013 | Flowers, Nature

Block Island is a small island about thirteen miles off the coast of Rhode Island. It’s covered in wildflowers and plants that festoon the island with a variety of colors as the seasons change. Summer begins with bushes of wild pink roses and ends with the dark jewel tones of blackberries. Then a golden, glowing yellow appears everywhere, signifying the arrival of Autumn. No matter the time of year, the natural beauty of the place is impossible to ignore, which is why I love flowering on Block Island.

I recently paid the island a visit with a good friend and we spent the majority of our time either outside gathering flowers or inside arranging them. We filled every container in the house with branches of Bittersweet, any kind of green we could find, and stems of Queen Anne’s Lace that were growing all around. Then we combined them with locally grown flowers from the farmer’s market. I’ve spent many weekends on Block Island and this was one of the best.

My aim was to capture and contain the wildness of both the location and the time of year in each vase. I wanted each arrangement to be an ode to the place where it was made and I loved every minute of trying to achieve that.



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