Frances Palmer Pottery

Nov 11, 2013 | Design, Inspiration, Nature

Today I got to meet an artist I really admire. Her name is Frances Palmer and she’s a ceramicist based in Connecticut. I’d been hearing her name from friends in the flower world and spotting articles about her about her beautiful pottery everywhere. I had the pleasure of visiting her studio for a holiday sale that she was holding and I can say that standing in a big room full of her work really did feel like being a kid in a candy store ( while desperately trying not to be being a bull in a china shop).

To me, Frances is someone who has mastered the art of simplicity. I don’t mean to suggest that her creative process is simple or that her ideas are simple, quite the opposite actually. The final product makes clear just how very thoughtful and intentional, carefully considered and lovingly executed her work is. There is a quiet beauty and a subtle acknowledgment of how closely pottery is related to history and nature that can be found throughout her body of work. ┬áThis is what made me realize how well the art of simplicity is embodied in the things she makes. I could have stayed in her studio all day, examining the details of every single piece, trying to decipher how each one was made.

I wanted to share my experience and my impressions firstly because it’s always a big deal to meet someone you admire ( especially someone who turns out to be such a nice person), but also because all the things I wrote about Frances’ work are things I strive for in my own artistic endeavors. It was particularly inspiring to see those things come to life so elegantly in a medium that has always seemed really hard to master to me. So if you’ve read this, I hope you take a look at her work and get inspired too.

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