A Foraged Flower Arrangement

Jun 28, 2014 | Flowers, Italy, Nature


I visited one of my favorite foraging spots in Rome today. I discovered it through a friend who generously shared her foraging knowledge with me. She did so when I told her how much I love flowers and that I was trying to gravitate towards using more seasonal, local varieties in my arrangements.*

When you first come to Rome, your eyes can’t help but gravitate immediately towards all the beautiful art and architecture. If you start looking more closely though, you’ll notice nature peaking through and reminding you it’s still there all over town. Everything from wild arugula and capers to passion flower and roses can be spotted sprouting from between rocks in ancient walls, while curtains of ivy and clematis gradually try to reclaim more quiet corners of the city. It’s all very wild and romantic in a distinctly Roman way, I think.

Rome is overall a wild and unruly place so it makes perfect sense this it should house such an abundance of naturally occurring green and that it’s often allowed to do as it pleases. It’s one of the things that makes me feel at home here and keeps me inspired by my surroundings. This arrangement was born from that inspiration so I hope you like it and a thank you to the Eternal City for providing me with materials.

*Full disclosure: The artichoke I used was not foraged but it did come from a local market which means someone cut it from its stem not long before I bought it and not far from where I bought it.


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