Notes from the Studio: On the End of 2015

Dec 31, 2015 | Artwork, Inspiration

From the Studio

I’ve been spending more time in the studio lately. That’s probably why I came to the realization that the process of making a painting could be compared to the cycle of a year from beginning to end. In this case, the end of 2015. At the start, you have a blank canvas and lots of ideas about what you’d like to do with it, but no idea what marks will actually become permanent. There are some splashes of bright color, a few eraser marks and smudges, and maybe you add a new layer of paint here and there. In the end, it’s often not what you’d first imagined but those stray lines, happy accidents and unexpected additions are what make it feel complete. Hopefully throughout your process, you’ve gotten more ideas and discovered new perspectives. You’ve also probably gained enough experience to help you in your next endeavor. Hopefully you find yourself really looking forward to the next blank canvas waiting for you.

If I looked back on the year 2015 as a painting, I would have to say it turned out quite nicely. I had lot of beautiful experiences and got to spend time with a lot of truly wonderful people. I returned to this blog and to painting, both things I’m very happy about. This year, it was exciting to see where each new brushstroke took me and and what materialized from my ideas. Sure there were mistakes and sizable challenges, but that’s how you learn to improvise and trust your gut, no? What I’m saying is that 2015 feels like a finished piece and I can’t wait to start this next painting that is 2016. Especially to spend lots more time in the studio, actual paintbrush in hand. I hope that whatever plans, goals and intentions you have for the next twelve months, something marvelous develops as your year progresses and that you’re as excited about this new blank canvas as I am. Happy painting!

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